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Youth Maker Events

Further your child’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) education at UP MakerSpace.  Book a party or plan an event for homeschool or after school learning opportunities.   All events are hands on activities led by a master maker.  Bring your own refreshments and snacks.  Current offerings are listed below and can be scheduled for 5-20 people.  Contact us to book your event.  Scholarships available thanks to Idaho STEM Action Center!

Create Your Own Virtual Reality

Recommended ages 10+. $35 per person.  3 hours.

Bring your smart phone if you have one because you will build a Google Cardboard heads up display, then design a scene in a virtual world to share and explore.  You will leave with the Google Cardboard viewer and access to the VR scene creation software to further your VR skills at home.

Magnetic Badge

Recommended ages 10+.  $35 per person.  3 hours.

Learn the basics of vector design using InkScape, an open source software.  Then learn about lasers as your design is cut and engraved before your eyes.  Finally, assemble your piece into a magnetic badge to bring home.


Block Printed Card Making

Recommended ages 8+.  $20 per person.  1 1/2 hours.

Enjoy a safe introduction to printmaking! Hand draw your own artwork and go through the steps to turn it into a reusable Styrofoam printing plate which you will use to run off a series of special cards.  Choose from a variety of paper and ink colors.  You will leave with basic printmaking skills, a handful of printed cards and your reusable printing plate.

Laser Custom Stamp

Recommended ages 10+.  $40 per person.  2 hours.

Hand draw or digitally design a reusable rubber stamp.  Choose to design with paper and marker or with graphic design software.  We will laser engrave your creation into rubber stamp material and a wooden handle.  You will assemble and take your new stamp with an ink pad home to leave your signiture mark wherever you please.

Holiday Wooden Ornament and MakerSpace Tour

Recommended ages 8+.  $10 per person.  1 hour.

Choose from a selection of holiday themed ornaments and paint it!  All ornaments are wooden and designed and CNC cut at UP MakerSpace.  Includes a tour of UP MakerSpace.


Recommended ages 10+.  $30 per person.  2 hours.

Missed out on the Fidget Spinner Craze? Come design your own one of a kind fidget spinner. You will learn design in CAD software assisted by our skilled instructors to create your own fidget spinner.  After class we will print your design at UP MakerSpace. 2 days later, you can pick up your printed fidget spinner design and parts to assemble your spinner on your own.

3D Printed Custom Cookie cutter

Recommended ages 10+.  $30 per person.  2 hours.

There’s a new cookie on the block with your name on it.  Learn vector design and CAD software while creating a custom cookie cutter which will be 3D printed at UP MakerSpace.  Cutter will be available for pickup approximately 2 days after the class.

Wooden Wall Decor (hand drawn)

Recommended ages 8+.  $30 per person.  2 hours.

For the artistic group, hand draw your self portrait, family portrait, or imaginary friend and  forever preserve it as an engraved wooden wall hanging.

* Most events must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.
* A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

If you do not book the full capacity for your event, we may offer the event for other attendees.  The more the merrier!