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$59.00 / 1 Month

Full access membership to all our equipment, classes, events and offerings. Members can take skills classes to learn how to use makerspace equipment. Other classes are also free for members (additional fee may be charged for some classes to cover supplies for the class).

$49.00 / 1 Month

A full maker membership at a discounted rate for teachers, students, veterans and members of clubs signed up with UP MakerSpace. Proof of teacher/student/veteran status required.

$29.00 / 1 Month

Makerspace membership including:

  • Access to classes and events at membership rates.
  • 3D Printing
  • Small Tools
  • Pottery wheel and kiln

* Does not include access to CNC, Woodshop, Lasers, Dry mount press, Wide format printing.


$35.00 / 1 Month

Full Maker Membership for additional adult member residing in the same household as a paid adult maker membership.

15% discount when signing up quarterly (3 months).

$199.00 / 1 Month

Full maker membership access for set number of employees. Includes monthly fee allowance that can be used for equipment usage or consulting.

$199 monthly (access for up to 2 employees, includes $100 / month equipment and/or consulting fees.)

$10.00 / 1 Month

Membership for makers 10-17 years old. Child member must live in the same household as a paid adult membership. Not all equipment may be available to younger members. Youths may be required to have an adult present when using makerspace. Determination on availability of equipment and will be made on a case by case basis.

$20.00 / 0 Months