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Popup Valentine Card

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 16:51 - Graham Carter

A customizeable popup Valentines Day themed greeting card.

Build Instructions: 
  1. Optionally, edit the cut file, replacing the text with you and your loved one's initials or other loving saying.
  2. Cut outside of card on laser cutter using colored cardstock (colored side up).
  3. Cut inside of card using different colored cardstock (colored side down).
  4. Remove cutout pieces.
  5. Prefold pieces along score lines.
  6. Using glue stick or double stick tape, adhere the two pieces together aligning along center fold line.

Suggested settings for 40W laser:
Cut lines (black) - 60% Power, 30% Speed, 500 ppi
Score lines (red) - 10% Power, 30% Speed, 500 ppi