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Lasercut Hologram Projector

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 17:56 - Taylor Jenkins

This is a design for a simple laser cut hologram projector based on the following links:

Use You-Tube videos like the following to view on your smartphone:

Build Instructions: 

Material: Clear PETG or Polycarbonate approximately .5mm - .6mm thick. 

Use the attached svg or pdf file to program the laser. The Black and Blue lines are cut lines, and the Red lines are score lines. The score lines should be run first, followed by the blue cut lines, and finally the black cut lines. The score lines should be programmed at about 1/3 of the power of the cut lines. Actual power setting will depend on the laser and material used. Alway run a test first.

Once cut, fold the flat prism into a pyramid, along the score lines, and fitting the tabs into the slots. 

Search YouTube for, “Hologram Video”, and select a suitable video to play. Place the prism with the pointed end down on the center of the screen. Play the video and view the hologram projection from the side.


By Graham Carter on
It'd be cool if we could add a webpage to create hologram videos from your own video for this project. I couldn't find any ready to use online but I did find: https://github.com/Vuzimir/3dhologramcreator (visual basic) and an outline for doing it in ffmpeg http://wiki.joanillo.org/index.php/Pyramid_hologram and people talking about doing it in blender https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/43856/4-way-video-for-pyramidal-hologram

By Taylor Jenkins on
here is a python script to generate a pyramid hologram video from an image. https://github.com/eokeeffe/Pyramid-Hologram-Generator