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Laser Cut Valentine Box

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 16:55 - Taylor Jenkins

A valentines Day Project

Build Instructions: 

This is a pattern for cutting out a box with a Valentine styled lid from cardstock or heavy craft paper, using the laser.


Cut in the order of Green, then red.



The Dash cyan colored lines are the score/bend lines. They may be used to lightly score the paper with the laser to make bending easier, or left alone.


The lid panel insert can be cut from a different colored paper to provide contrast, or a clear material to provide a window. You could also leave it out so that the cutout area remains open.


You can use the cutom paper template maker link below to make a custom size.



Always test your settings on a small scrap area first. 

Fold the tabs over along the score line and glue to the inside of the box.