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Distance Sensor Bot

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 20:12 - Graham Carter

A distance sensor bot that could be used for determining the distance to park your car in your garage or any other use where you may want to find a distance of something.  Includes a button to set the distance, an RGB LED to provide feedback as distance is measured, and a wifi enabled MCU that could be extended to include a mobile interface to control the bot.

Build Instructions: 

Build Instructions
(See Attached PDF for full instructions with images)

  1. Install Photon into breadboard
  2. Install resistor into breadboard
  3. Install LED into breadboard
  4. Insert jumper wires into sonar sensor 
  5. Bend sonar sensor headers straight
  6. Install sonar sensor into lid
  7. Install button into base
  8. Install breadboard into base
  9. Bend LED into hole
  10. Insert sonar jumper wires into breadboard
  11. Insert button wires into breadboard
  12. Insert lid into base at 90 degree angle
  13. Rotate lid to desired angle
  14. Use Particle Web IDE to program your bot using attached source code.


  1. Set object at desired distance
  2. Push button on sensor bot
  3. When object is too far, bot will blink green.  When object is too close bot will blink red.  When object is at correct distance bot will show steady red.

Improve your project

  1. Alter source code.  Play with tollerance settings, distance settings, colors, etc.
  2. Add a piezo speaker to provide audio feedback.
  3. Use IFTTT to provide a mobile control for your bot.